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ATTENTION: New 4+ Person Carpool-Only Policy for Day Parking in Effect for 2024

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    ATTENTION: New 4+ Person Carpool-Only Policy for Day Parking in Effect for 2024

    Goldenvoice has announced a new policy for Coachella 2024, in which only vehicles with four or more people, including the driver, can gain access to the free day parking lots. It was disclosed with the lineup announcement on the Coachella website as part of the 2024 design refresh.

    Here are the stipulations from the Coachella website:

    Rules To Park
    • Only vehicles with 4+ people (including driver) gain access to parking. No exceptions.
    • Everyone in the vehicle must have a valid festival wristband and corresponding parking decal per person upon arrival.
    • One (1) free 3-day parking decal per wristband will be included with your order. At minimum, 4 decals must be visible on your car’s front window.
    • When approaching parking perimeter check points, all passengers must raise wristbanded hand out the window.
    • Vehicles that do not meet above requirements will be turned away and directed to a nearby, off-site location.
    • If you are turned away and directed to the off-site location, you can use this spot to meet up with other friends to fill your car with 4+ people or purchase a shuttle pass to complete your journey to the festival. Stay tuned for more details.​
    There is no statement explaining why this policy has been enacted. It could be something idealistic and noble such as reducing vehicle carbon emissions and alleviating traffic congestion. It also could be something to do with another rumored expansion of the festival grounds and the behind-the-scenes service and staging footprint, which in turn shrinks the available space for day parking. Or it purely could be a business decision to generate more revenue, such as convincing more people to purchase shuttle passes or reducing the amount of contracted staff (and hence $) needed to facilitate the day parking. Whatever the motivation is, I can see this potentially backfiring, causing confusion and a massive traffic nightmarish cf, particularly on the first day of each festival weekend.
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    The asinine 4+-person carpool day-parking rule was just rescinded. I think GV is doing anything to help boost stagnant pass sales for 2024.
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