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Impact of COVID-19 on Coachella

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    Sooooooooooo June 15th huh?


      Originally posted by Papichujoe View Post
      Sooooooooooo June 15th huh?
      That's the projected date for California's "return to normal" plan for almost all economic sectors, provided the vaccine supply continues without disruptions and the rate of new COVID-19 infections remains low. It does not though include large venues and events, such as convention centers, with a capacity of more than 5000 people. In those situations, there will need to be proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test before admission is granted at least through October. And it does not include Coachella at this time:

      California officials aim to reopen the state's economy by the summer, but large-scale music festivals like Coachella are not part of the plan.

      A target date for resuming large events like the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is still undetermined, Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly said.
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        I seen that projected date of California's "full" reopening and was curious as to what that entails, since the vaccine has rolled out it seems like more and more of the US while still split on the idea of getting vaccinated is getting back to "normal" a lot faster than I expected


          Beibg from California it seems so odd and feels foreign to me to see festivals happening this year


            Corona beer would be an excellent choice for the premier sponsor.


              Originally posted by gaypalmsprings View Post
              Corona beer would be an excellent choice for the premier sponsor.
              I honestly would rather have a Corona Familiar than a Newcastle


                found on reddit...

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                (couldn't resist)
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                    So Burning Man is joining Coachella in waiting it out until 2022 rather than staging a 2021 event with crowd restrictions and a reduced capacity.

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                      Another good aspect of waiting until 2022 for the next Coachella: we once again escape the Biebs! Justin Bieber announced his make-up tour dates and is fortunately playing Midwest city gigs in mid-late April next year. Whew!
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                        Originally posted by ocbruin84 View Post
                        The Save Our Stages Act has been included in the House's proposed COVID relief bill. This is good news - if passed I think it would help ease some of my concerns regarding lower-line acts at Coachella or any festival really - but after sitting in on a Zoom with the Congressional staffers behind the RESTART Act, I have been pushing for that to be included in the relief bill as well. Inviting you guys to join me. Try reaching out to Speaker Pelosi and Nydia Velazquez (Chair of the Small Business Committee) for starters - ask them to include the RESTART Act in the relief bill.
                        So although the Save Our Stages Act was passed five months ago, no money has been distributed to date from the Small Business Administration to the independent live performance venues that are desperately in need. This is due to a series of SBA missteps and technical snafus. Variety has more about it in this article:

                        It took eight months of intense lobbying to get Save Our Stages passed, then another four months for the Small Business Administration to launch its Shuttered Venues Operators Grant website, through which venues must apply for federal aid — it immediately crashed, and was relaunched two and a half weeks later, after dozens of members of Congress, particularly those who sponsored or supported Save Our Stages, called for a quick reopening. When the site finally opened, it received more than 17,000 applications in the first 24 hours.

                        The delay in relief funding has caused immeasurable problems for independent venues and theaters and has ironically aided large live-entertainment companies like Live Nation and AEG: Even with states opening back up, independent venues do not have the funding to secure talent or re-hire their staffs, festival promoters aren’t able to secure fields to hold their events, and the ecosystem around much of the live industry remains stalled — five and a half months after Save Our Stages was passed into law; PPP and the newly launched Restaurant Relief Fund were distributing millions of dollars within days.
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                          From the May 26 Desert Sun: "When will Coachella, Stagecoach return? Tour dates could offer clues"

                          Some fans have been holding out hope that the festivals, which take place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, might be rescheduled for the fall. But Indio Director of Communications and Marketing Brooke Beare said this week that Los Angeles-based producer Goldenvoice has not reached out to the city about October dates.

                          "We are all hopeful to see them back as soon as is safely possible," Beare said.
                          Rage leaves April 2022 dates open

                          Rage Against the Machine was previously announced as a headliner for Coachella 2020. The band has since posted rescheduled tour dates for its "Public Service Announcement Tour" in 2022.

                          The second and third weekends of April are open between stops in Arizona and Oakland.

                          Eric Church, Carrie Underwood also available

                          Stagecoach 2020 headliners Eric Church and Carrie Underwood also show open dates in their upcoming tours through April 2022.

                          Church has no scheduled shows April 16-29.

                          Underwood has a handful of shows scheduled in the summer and fall before she starts her "Reflection" residency in December at the Theatre at Resorts World in Las Vegas, Nevada. But it ends in early April.
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                            It looks like a new Coachella date and advance pass sale announcement could be forthcoming this week (or next). A short video clip was posted to all of the Coachella social media accounts this afternoon with the caption, "Do you hear it?" This would be pretty much be spot on for when GV usually announces the dates and advance sale of the next year's festival in early June.

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                              There's some interesting material from a rare interview with Paul Tollett featured in this published LA Times article regarding how the festival has been impacted by the pandmic:


                              Last March, Coachella was preparing for its opening weekend when Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an emergency stay-at-home order across the state. Few realized how long it would last.

                              Moving trucks were already on-site in Indio, with workers beginning construction on tents and stages. Then, ominous warnings about the virus began to reach Tollett.

                              “I remember thinking, ‘I wonder if it’s going to affect Coachella just for a day or two? Wow, this could be weird. Could we really postpone a show?’”

                              The large commissioned art pieces that are a mainstay of the festival were also going up — their installation was about 80% completed when all work abruptly shut down. That artwork remains in place, but not all of it was built to survive until April.

                              “Some of that stuff is not going to last two years. We lost a lot of money on things like that,” Tollett says.

                              The festival was initially postponed until October 2020, and Goldenvoice staff quickly organized a new plan for its 180 acts in less than two days of calls and emails. Artists and their representatives didn’t object, and the process went surprisingly smoothly, but that relief was short-lived as it became clear that the pandemic was not fading.

                              “Then it got harder: ‘Oh, it’s going to happen again,’” says Tollett, recalling the second rescheduling to April 2021. “We started getting a feeling fairly soon like, ‘Oh, man, this is not getting any better.’ And you can always count on everyone not to work together. It’s a complicated country, a complicated world, with different beliefs and what they want to do.”

                              More than half of Coachella’s ticket-buyers requested refunds during the early months of the pandemic.

                              “I joked that we did too good of a job on refunds,” Tollett says with a smile. “I understand you want your refund. You’ve got your hotel, your airfare, all your stuff. Tickets are the smallest of it all, actually.

                              “I’d rather the ticket buyers be happy with us than hold onto their money and later be mad.”

                              During the worst months of the pandemic, some prominent voices quoted in publications, including Billboard and Vice, began declaring that live music events might never return to normal. Tollett says he kept his cool, neither panicking nor rushing back into operation this year as vaccinations began to push back the threat. Being connected to AEG, he adds, helped Goldenvoice remain cautious. There was no pressure to restart the cash flow.

                              “I told AEG, ‘We’re going to wait on Coachella.’ It wasn’t a fight at all,” he said.
                              Not that Tollett hadn’t considered the possibilities himself. He is someone who likes to make lists, compiling ideas, problems, solutions.

                              “I think about those things nonstop,” he says, adding, “We didn’t have insurance. So what we lost, we lost.”

                              Tollett notes that Goldenvoice has done well over the years and that the company did not request government assistance. Larger companies that have enjoyed success with festivals, he argued, should not be dipping into that funding.

                              “You all started festivals to make a bunch of money and you did, and then you hit a whammy,” Tollett says of promoters facing challenges during the pandemic year. “That’s a part of business — hitting whammies.”

                              Now, he sees a coming traffic jam in the concert business as all the acts that had to cancel their 2020 touring plans rush out, alongside acts that were already set to launch in 2021 and 2022.

                              Ticket prices concern me. Everyone is trying to make up for lost time,” Tollett says. “I’ve seen a bump in everything out there, not [just] music, but food prices, gas, everything. Everyone’s put a little something [extra] on, and that can’t last.”
                              Ummm...if ticket prices concern you, why did GV raise the price of Coachella passes drastically for 2022?
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                                Hopefully that concern translates to no price hikes next year.