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    Originally posted by Papichujoe View Post
    Anyone have any preference on vaccination? My antibodies have slowly been diminishing and imma be all out most likey next month so I gotta re up and get protected by 1 of the 3 big guys out there
    I'd just get anything that is available at this point. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are supposed to offer more protection, but you need two doses that are at least three weeks apart for the Pfizer and four weeks apart for the Moderna.

    Nothing though guarantees 100% immunity.
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      The CDC updated its guidance yesterday for folks who are considered fully vaccinated, which is defined as two weeks after receiving the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or two weeks after getting the single dose of the J&J vaccine: One of the bullet states, "You can gather or conduct activities outdoors without wearing a mask except in certain crowded settings and venues." That exception would probably entail many music festivals.

      Meanwhile, it turns out that bumblebee from the defunct Coachella board is quite the anti-vaxxer. He's become a nuisance among the Inforoo message board members on their festival forum. There is an awesome takedown of his bullshit in their coronavirus thread that is worth sharing. I'm providing the link to the whole page so that you can see the context. Then go down to jorgeandthekraken's post. LMFAO! (For those not familiar, quack is substituted for fuck in Inforoo-speak for those without internal account access.)

      Although our board is usually dormant these days, at least we thankfully don't have to put up with bumbles idiocy!
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        Man..... seeing supre and bumbles gave me Vietnam like flashbacks


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          LOL! There's definitely a PTSD element.

        Well, this Yahoo/YouGov poll leaves me a bit more pessimistic if the U.S. will ever totally get out of this mess:

        And there were a whole bunch of well-heeled people within close proximity of others at the Kentucky Derby this past weekend who were not wearing masks despite the CDC guidance for large gatherings. There were about 51,000, which is the largest crowd at one U.S. venue in over a year. I'm sure that there was a certain segment of attendees who were not in the "fully vaccinated" category. SMH
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          I'm finding it odd that a lot of acts that are announcing tours are leaving the weekend dates in the middle October empty along with similar weekend dates in the middle April of 2022


            Would you consider it safe now to see a show in a closed indoor venue based on what we know about how COVID-19 is transmitted and the current vaccination trends? This issue is discussed in this CNN article:

            But the latest data from the Axios-Ipsos Coronavirus tracking index found that 37% of adults consider attending a concert indoors to be a large risk, 48% calling it a small to moderate risk, and 14% said it was no risk at all.
            Despite being fully vaccinated for several weeks now, I would be extremely hesitant unless proper ventilation, social distancing, and vaccination proof or testing measures were in place. I'm waiting until at least September or even October before even considering going again to an indoor show when hopefully most of the population is fully vaccinated.
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              I'm just glad my local venue is an Amphitheatre