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    Originally posted by Papichujoe View Post
    When will we see the Lola start come out? By this weekend?
    Yeah, we'll probably find out in about 3-7 days from now. The incubation period for the delta variant seems to be shorter than the others.
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      Interesting USA Today article published today: "Lollapalooza a 'recipe for disaster,' experts warn. Should more music festivals be canceled amid COVID-19?"
      Tina Tan, a Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine professor, called the festival“a recipe for disaster.” She raised concerns over how well organizers enforced masks and social distancing, and she criticized Lightfoot for suggesting the event would be safe because it was largely outdoors.

      "Yeah it was an outdoor event, but it was an outdoor event with over 100,000 people (a day) in a small space," Tan said. "You're less able to transmit COVID in an outdoor space, but that doesn't mean that you can pack 100,000 people into a small, enclosed space where they're on top of each other and expect nobody's going to transmit. That's not how it works."
      Photographs taken throughout the Thursday-to-Sunday event show almost no concertgoers wearing masks.

      “It’s a good start, but especially in a crowd like that, it’s going to be almost impossible to enforce good and consistent mask-wearing,” said Robert Bednarczyk, associate professor of global health and epidemiology at Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. “Looking at how contagious the delta variant is, my concern right now is that you may get a lot of people who end up with a mild infection.”
      If the epidemiological data from Lollapalooza shows numerous outbreaks stemming from the festival, he said, canceling future events could be justified.
      For Live Nation, it's all about the $$$. They aren't going to cancel any festivals unless they are forced by government officials. Plus they don't have to worry about that in right-to-spread-pathogen states like Texas and Florida.

      Meanwhile, speaking of a poll of a very unscientific subsample of Rolling Loud attendees on the RL subreddit that closed three days ago, nearly 150 stated they tested positive for COVID, including several who had been vaccinated.
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        More depressing than interesting for me.


          Well, this is kind of a positive and unexpected development...Variety obtained a letter authored by Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino stating that LN can require vaccination or proof of a negative COVID test for U.S. shows for all of its shows as permitted by law (I wonder if this may not apply in Florida, Texas, etc.). Also, beginning October 4, all LN employees must be vaxxed in order to enter one of its events, venues, or offices with limited exceptions as required by law. Of course, I doubt this is being done solely for altruistic reasons.

          Here's the document:

          All –

          It has been great to see events make such a strong return across the U.S., with demand for concerts and festivals continuing to outpace our expectations.


          We are working to ensure we are reopening in the best way possible for staff, artists, crew, fans, and communities at large. Our teams have worked together to put new processes in place so that artists doing shows with Live Nation in the U.S. can require all attendees and staff to be fully vaccinated or show a negative test result for entry, where permitted by law. We believe this is a great model, and we have already implemented this successfully at many major shows including Lollapalooza. We know people are eager to return to live events and we hope these measures encourage even more people to get vaccinated. That is the number one thing anyone can do to take care of those around them and we are encouraging as many shows as possible to adopt this model.


          In support of this model and to continue leading by example, we will be requiring that all employees in the U.S. be vaccinated to enter one of our events, venues or offices – with limited exceptions as may be required by law. This requirement will go into effect October 4, when our offices are set to reopen their doors for flex work, and to allow on-site staff a few weeks to get vaccinated if they haven’t already. HR will share more details on this soon. As a reminder we are providing an extra paid day off for every dose so you can schedule appointments easily. We’ve seen great vaccination enthusiasm among our staff so far, and we want to ensure we’re taking every step possible to keep you all safe.

          Our business and our industry is about uniting people and vaccines are one of the greatest tools for making sure that everyone can continue to enjoy live music together. We’ve gone through a lot this past year and it’s remarkable to see how far we’ve come. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to your HR partner. And thank you for continuing to play a role in our continued success.

          – Michael
          Will AEG and others follow suit?
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            It will definitely be intresting to see what and where AEG's stance on how they will handle the return to live shows in California




                What's the over/under that that virus is about to play Wonderwall


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                  How about Freebird?

                Originally posted by wxdude View Post

                ... GV should only allow entry if people are fully vaccinated (two weeks after 2nd dose of Pfizer/Moderna or two weeks after singe-dose J&J) and present proof.
                GV was listening, FTW!


                  Originally posted by gaypalmsprings View Post

                  GV was listening, FTW!
                  This is fucking awesome and bold! No lame excuses for being unvaxxed. It's good to see a company as large as AEG throw down the gauntlet and not to put up with bullshit at any of its festivals or venues after October 1*.

                  (* in states where businesses and other entities checking proof of vaccination hasn't been made illegal just to appease a governor's huge moronic ego)
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                    Big news today: the FDA has just given full approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine. This is the fastest approval by the agency for a new vaccine. It removes the "experimental" treatment label that was used while it was authorized for emergency use only. I'm sure we'll see more vaccine mandates imposed by employers, states, local municipalities, retailers, and entertainment facilities now. It'll be interesting to see what excuses the freedumb crowd will come up with now.

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                      I'm can't wait to hear the "but it's not fda approved" or "it's an experimental vaccine" to "man you really trust the fda?" and "The government is so currupt you could pay people to do anything in there"

                      Literally those are 2 posts I seen this morning 😬