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    New albums from Yeasayer, Hot Chip and Holy Ghost all came out in June and I'm loving them all! Holy Ghost album "Work" is my #1 album of the year so far.


      From new OMAM album.


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        Never really loved this band at all but "Alligator" is kinda cool. Heard it in a YouTube ad lol.

      Sleater-Kinney's much anticipated new album, The Center Won't Hold, was released on Friday. The St. Vincent-produced album marks a stylistic departure from their previous material, featuring electronic flourishes with 80's/90's retro synths and a danceable, more accessible sound. Yet lyrically the songs are somewhat dark and emotionally charged, often reflecting life and political events of the late 2010's. The album can be polarizing for older S-K fans expecting the band to maintain the status quo from their earlier works, and there have already been complaints of Annie exerting too much of her influence on its production. Then there was drummer Janet Weiss' well-publicized departure announced weeks before the release where she stated that she had philosophical differences in the direction S-K was heading. Still reviews of The Center Won't Hold have been favorable, and it's definitely worth a listen if you like post-punk.

      Here are a few tracks:

      Title track - "The Center Won't Hold"

      "Hurry on Home"

      "The Future is Here"

      I'll be seeing the Janet-less S-K's debut live performance of their upcoming tour when they headline the first day of Hopscotch Music Festival next month (work permitting).
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        I didn't make it to Hopscotch thanks to Hurricane Dorian. The performance was moved to an indoor venue thanks to Dorian, and I understand that it was excellent. Fuck Dorian!

      The Bird and The Bee's album of Van Halen covers (Interpreting The Masters Vol. 2) is a really wacky, fun listen.


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        Yeah, that thing works way better than it needs to.

      Gotta give Fear Inoculum a few more listens to figure out what I think of Tool's latest, but "7empest" fucking rules.
      On the Horizon
      Deerhunter + Dirty Projectors - The Wiltern 7/17
      The Raconteurs - Greek Theater 7/26
      Robyn - Forum 7/27
      Weyes Blood - The Fonda 8/9
      Pasadena Daydream Festival - Brookside at the Rose Bowl 8/31
      The National - Greek Theater 9/2
      Massive Attack - Palladium 9/3
      Elton John - Honda Center 9/11
      Friendly Fires - Fonda 9/27
      Vampire Weekend - Hollywood Bowl 10/2
      Thom Yorke - Santa Barbara Bowl 10/25


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        Gotta give Fear Inoculum a few more listens to figure out what I think of Tool's latest, but "7empest" fucking rules.
        7empest is amazing. Descending and Culling Voices are strong. Need more time with it obviously. Also, the packaging for the CD is unique. Never seen anything like it. A video screen with pre-loaded visuals that plays with sound each time you open the sleeve. Even has a rechargeable battery and cable in it.
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